The first step is to obtain quality virgin pine logs, without deforestation. Our Regal Downs Premium Flakes are manufactured from a specific species of tree native to Florida. These trees are harvested toward the end of their useful lives and can over populate the National Forest lands. So in conjunction with the Division of Forestry this specific species is thinned and pruned to safeguard the forest from overgrowth and uncontrollable fore danger. When harvested, extreme care is taken so as not to disturb any wildlife and their habitat.

After the logs arrive at our mill, they are de-barked and stripped of limbs and vegetation, removing resins, and anything unsuitable for animal bedding. The logs are then shaved with the blades set to cut the proper size flakes unique to our bedding and any dust produced is removed. Our state-of-the-art process makes consistently small, super soft shavings, to maximize cushioning. Next, the shavings are kiln dried to remove their natural moisture, while leaving the fresh pine scent. This process also heat tricks the shavings, thereby removing potentially harmful spores and insects and making it extremely absorbent, creating what we now call our Regal Downs Premium Flake. The bedding is then sent to our plant to be bagged directly or mixed with various virgin lumber mill by-products to produce our other types of bedding. The shavings are compression bagged and sent to various retail locations where you can purchase it.

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