Title:Carolina Shavings and Regal Downs are Growing!
Date: July 16, 2012
Carolina Shavings is pleased to announce our recent acquisitions of both the Elite and Stable Mate brands of shavings.  Customers of both of these fine brands of shavings will now be serviced by Carolina Shavings and our Regal Downs brand of products.  The same exceptional quality and outstanding customer service will now be available to Elite and Stable Mate customers in the Northeast and Texas markets.  We value your continued patronage and are excited to introduce you to the Regal Downs family of products.  You will love our commitment to quality, service and the environment.  Our product ships quickly and is delivered on time.  Contact us with any questions or to arrange for your next delivery.  We are happy to suggest the Regal Downs replacement to your Elite or Stable Mate product.