Commitment to Quality:
Carolina Shavings applies the highest quality standards in the industry to our family of Regal Downs premium animal bedding products. All of our products are guaranteed pure and produced to be lower dust, consistent in particle size and free from preservatives, additives and foreign materials. Our kiln drying process heat treats the bedding, removing potentially harmful spores and insects. This process produces animal bedding that is safe for you animals, extremely absorbent and an economical solution to keep your animals clean, dry and comfortable. All of our products are produced with pride in the USA. To locate a dealer near you, click here.

Commitment to the Planet:
Carolina Shavings uses virgin pine, harvested without deforestation. Our Regal Downs Premium Flake is manufactured from a specific species of tree native to Florida. The trees are harvested at the end of their useful lives, so as not to overpopulate the national forest land. In conjunction with the Division of Forestry, this specific species is thinned and pruned to safeguard the forest from overgrowth and fire. Extreme care is taken not to disturb surrounding wildlife and their habitat. Our facilities employ total wood utilization, making mulch from the bark and fueling our kilns with the fines that we screen from our bagged products.

Commitment to Service:
Carolina Shavings is committed to serving the needs of our customers! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service will ensure that you get the industry’s best animal bedding products when you need them. With our own trucks and logistics department, we can provide faster quotes, shorter lead times and dependable delivery at competitive rates. Call us at (864) 833-9798 or click here to become a dealer.



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